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2008 Auto Theft Statistics
What is Your Community Doing to Fight Auto Theft?


auto theft  statistics

auto theft stastics

The following is a list of Law Enforcement Agencies and Communities Utilizing "The Club®" in Public Awareness Motor Vehicle Anti-theft Programs since 2000


Colorado Dept. of Public Safety

Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority

City of Tempe AZ PD

City of Yuma AZ PD

City of Glendale AZ PD

City of Mesa AZ PD

City of Gilbert AZ PD

City of Scottsdale AZ PD

City of Peoria AZ PD

City of Phoenix AZ PD

City of Prescott Valley AZ PD

City of Buckeye AZ PD

City of Tucson Police Department in AZ

City of South Tucson Police Department in AZ

City of Chandler Police Department in AZ

City of Show Low Police Department in AZ

University of Arizona PD

Arizona Multihousing Association

Arizona Automobile Theft Authority

City of Long Beach CA PD

City of Los Angeles CA PD

City of Monterey Park CA PD

City of Berkeley CA PD

City of San Diego CA PD

City of Richmond CA PD

City of Santa Barbara CA PD

City of Oakland CA PD

City of El Cajon CA PD

City of Visalia CA PD

City of Sacramento CA PD

City of Alhambra CA PD

City of Vacaville CA PD

City of Fresno CA PD

City of Pomona CA PD

City of Ontario CA PD

City of Palmdale CA PD

City of Loma Linda CA / San Bernardino Co. Sheriff's Dept.

City of San Jose CA / Santa Clara Co. Auto Theft Task Force

The city of Modesto Police Department in CA

University of California Berkeley PD

Stanislaus Co. Sheriff's Dept.

San Diego Co. CA Sheriff's Dept

Riverside Co.CA Sheriff's Dept

Paramount Sheriff Station

Highland CA Dept. Public Safety

The Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council

City of Everett WA PD

City of Renton WA PD

City of Auburn WA PD

City of Tacoma WA PD

City of Bellevue WA PD

City of Shoreline WA PD

City of Vancouver WA PD

City of SeaTac WA PD

City of Puyallup WA PD

City of Yakima WA PD

City of Tukwila WA PD

City of Spokane WA PD

City of Kent WA PD

City of Federal Way WA / Dept. of Public Safety

City of Seattle / Seattle Neighborhood Group Inc

City of St. Louis MO PD

City of Kansas City KS PD

City of Salem OR PD

City of Springfield OR PD

City of Charlotte / Mecklenberg NC PD

Dade, Broward and Hillsborough Counties in Florida
for Court Ordered Vehicle Immobilizations by
The Florida Vehicle Immobilization Agency and Florida Parking Enforcement.

City of Laredo TX PD

City of Corpus Christi TX PD

City of El Paso TX PD

City of Edinburg TX PD

City of Pharr TX PD

City of Minneapolis MN PD

City of Salt Lake City UT PD

Prince Georges County MD PD

University of Tulsa / Tulsa OK

Alberta Motor Association / Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton Police Service / Edmonton, Alberta

Ottawa Police Service / Ottawa, Ontario

University of Regina / Regina, Saskatchewan

Winnipeg Tax Center / Winnipeg, Manitoba

This is just a sampling of programs and does not reflect all agencies or associations who have partnered in these programs during this time. The following agencies listed do not constitute an endorsement of "The Club®", implied or otherwise, by said agencies.

Should you have any questions or require more information as to how your agency or alliance can implement this type of initiative in your cities or neighborhoods please contact our Law Enforcement
Affairs Division to further discuss.

Barry Schoch, Law Enforcement Affairs
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